On-Site Chair Massage


The chair massage or seated massage is a relaxation technique designed to circulate energy in the body. The technique comes from traditional Japanese medicine. This treatment is practiced, as its name suggests, seated.

To perform this type of massage, the massage therapist uses an ergonomic chair specially designed for this type of massage.

It can be very short (about 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes) and is performed on a fully clothed person.

It is then very simple to benefit from its benefits, quickly, without going through a beauty salon.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to see seated massages in public places. It is also a very popular massage in the business world because it is perfect for reducing stress at work.

How does the session work?

The chair massage is performed in a comfortable seated position, on a chair. You keep your clothes.

The massage therapist performs a series of pressures on different parts of your body: back, head, neck, arms, hips and hands.

The gestures performed are similar to a shiatsu massage: between pressure, stretching, effleurage and tapping.

The benefits of chair massage

The chair massage is perfect for unblocking the energies and circulating them in your body. It is especially strongly recommended to reduce stress, fatigue or tension.

From the first manipulations, you will feel a feeling of physical and mental relaxation in a few minutes. The other benefits: more tone and vigour.

Perfect to offer you a moment of well-being in your day! A moment of serenity during the lunch break.