Cleanse Like A Boss

Cleanse Like A Boss


Contains Dermacleanse, exfoliating scrub, cleansing pads, luxury headband.

Step 1 Dermacleanse Daily Cleanser – Suitable for all skin types this daily cleanser will melt away makeup and oil. Add water to 1 – 2 pumps and massage into the skin. Remove with either cleansing pads or rinse with water.

Step 2 Exfoliating Scrub – 2 – 3 times a week apply a 5 pence piece and add water, working in circular movements around the face. Remove with damp cleansing pads. This leaves the skin looking younger, smoother, fresher and with a radiant glow. Finish with either serum or day/night cream.

Step 3 Step out and own your skin…..You’re the boss!